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Posted on: 10-18-14 04:28 AM     Posted by: Kaliaa

And so, now it's Archeage. Inoch Server, Haranya ... Towel will check this thread soon. Guild he started is called Too Old for Games.

Here we go again... Darkfall
Posted on: 12-24-12 05:40 AM     Posted by: Kaliaa


Darkfall, take 2. The IC folks will be playing Darkfall Unholy Wars. Having access to it through Steam should make for more players and a more interesting game. If you're into PvP with looting, check it out.

New Adventures in the world of Tera!
Posted on: 04-13-12 01:08 PM     Posted by: Keyel

Iron Circle is officially entering the game of Tera. The pvp style looks exciting and we're anxiously awaiting our opportunity to slay monsters and players alike. Looking forward to fighting along side old companions and making new ones. Strap on and saddle your horse! There be blood to spill!!!


SWtOR - The Fatman
Posted on: 12-13-11 06:58 AM     Posted by: Kaliaa

Iron Circle will be playing on "The Fatman" server with the Republic faction. Those who have played with us before are welcome to join us there.

SWtOR and other stuff
Posted on: 12-11-11 10:43 AM     Posted by: Kaliaa

Tomorrow we find out which server we'll be going to. Tuesday Early Access begins. We've had several members we haven't seen for a while returning. If you are one of those and you no longer have access to the member forums, please send me a PM or post on the public boards and I'll reinstate your access. Come play with us !!

Star Wars!
Posted on: 10-23-11 12:33 AM     Posted by: Keyel

Iron Circle is starting to ramp up its interest in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many of us have already pre-ordered and we are looking forward to playing and getting to know some new members who will be playing with us in Star Wars. Anyone interested in playing with us at release needs to please post on our forums and we'll be sure to contact you.

May the Force be with you!

Forum Upgrade Completed
Posted on: 08-03-11 02:06 PM     Posted by: Kaliaa

The portal/forum upgrade has been completed. If you have any problems with anything please let me know. Some people may have problems with logging in. There is a fix, but you'll need to contact me. Log into Vent or send me an email.

Forum Version Upgrade
Posted on: 08-03-11 09:19 AM     Posted by: Kaliaa

We plan to apply an update to the forums and portal tonight. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. If you find the website closed for maintenance, please check back later.

Iron Circle in Darkfall
Posted on: 04-12-09 03:54 PM     Posted by: Keyel

Iron Circle has officially formed in the world of Darkfall! We're knocking the dust off and cleaning the cobwebs out the corners as we get a breath of fresh air with Darfall Online.

Our doors are once again open to new recruits! New recruits should take a look at our application forums and check out our rules and vision statment so you understand what kind of guild we are and the level of maturity we expect from our players. There is a decade of history in Iron Circle and it is important to understand that so you understand how and where you might fit in within our online family.

So old and new alike, saddle your horses, pack your bags, and get ready to partake in another great journey.

What Next? Darkfall Online !
Posted on: 01-23-09 06:11 PM     Posted by: Kaliaa

It's been months since we've had a news update on this page. Warhammer has come and gone, another game high on promises and low on delivery. You don't have to wonder why so many gamers have become so cynical regarding anything that game developers say about their games. Most Devs have proven to have delusions of grandeur or are consummate spin doctors.

Darkfall Online is finally going to release. We've been following this game for years. Now, finally, we'll see if it's all that the developers have said it will be. Hope renews itself yet again while Iron Circle plans for the European release.

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