<Kaliaa> So far TS3. Any reason to switch to mumble?
<Kaliaa> We can do that with no problem. Current host allows switching to whatever we want.
<goodolpitch> whats shakin IC i got lost but found my way back!!!
<Deadman> PITCHY!!!!!!!! !
<TehG00SE> Helllooooo IC! Whats everyone up too these days?
<goodolpitch> zomg pitchy is loose be warnedc
<Deadman> I'm still in Tera, and testing Neverwinter too
<goodolpitch> i like tera its fun on the pool of tears server same as towel so lets hook it up and tear it down
<Kaliaa> DM isn't on that server afaik.
<Kaliaa> and there's Deadman !!
<goodolpitch> deadman thats an awesome name i like it
<Deadman> me too <(^.^)>
<FizzGigg> *peer*
<Kaliaa> Fizz !!!!!! Hiya
<Kaliaa> You till playing SWoTR ?
<Fatmoti> so what are we using for voice chat these days?
<TehG00SE> Giggidy Giggidy
<Kibbelz> quack quack
<Keyel> what??
<Keyel> what??
<Kaliaa> sheesh!!
<TehG00SE> Watcha guys doing these days??
<Kaliaa> Wow.. these people need to wake up!
<Morgan> zzzz.... whozi-whuzzat?
<goodolpitch> okay i need to log in more i know but hi all you sexy people
<Kaliaa> Wow do you ever need to log in more!
<TehG00SE> Honk
<Kibbelz> Anyone doing Wildstar?
<Kaliaa> I see you Keyel !
<Kamiwind> 13 anonymous users
<Kaliaa> Usually those are bots.
<Morgan> First shout of 2015! And it's late August!
<Kaliaa> Check out the stuff on DBO !
<Kibbelz> Anyone alive?
<Kaliaa> Occasionally.
<Abou> oooo, i still exist... Helllo!
<Abou> Guess nobody is home anymore. Sad.
<Kaliaa> Abou... there are still people around. You just missed us.
<Kaliaa> I think maybe we don't look over here often enough.