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Username Post: A new journey begins        (Topic#102)
08-31-05 12:11 PM - Post#291    

Two large iron doors slowly opened with a low rumble and loud screeching of metal on metal. A lout din of noise could be heard as they opened. The sounds of banging and horses neighing and stomping their feet floated out through the opened doors and over the high walls. The fog was light and the air had a slightly bitter chill to it as it blew through the land. Most of the snow had melted away leaving only patches here and there which would likely be gone before the sun set that evening. Four riders, three men and a woman rode through the opened gates; their blue capes were waving in the gentle breeze of the morning. The riders rode just outside the gates and moved to the right side of the road and lined up four abreast facing the road. Moments later some more riders rode forth from Iron Keep. As they rode past the four waiting on the side of the road they gave a short bow of their head which was returned from the four. As the riders rode past the four horsemen said to them, “Your honor, loyalty and courage are our shield and our strength.” This was repeated over and over to each set of riders as they passed the four. Many sets of riders rode past them and then came wagons loaded with crates, bags and containers of many sizes, about a dozen in all.

As the last of the loaded wagons passed by the four riders on the side of the road they dismounted and stood close by each other talking in low voices. After a few minutes two of men shook the hand of the third and gave a hug to woman before mounting their steeds and galloping after the caravan that left Iron Keep just minutes before.

One of the two lone riders mounted his horse and the two watched as their friends rode down the dirt road until they could no longer see them. Lady Kaliaa looked at Lord Immortalis and said, "So...It begins again. The start of another adventure." Immortalis quickly replied, " Aye, and its about time, but I will miss this place. It has been our home for many years. May we all return here in this life-time. But enough of this, we still have a lot of work to do in order to get the main force prepared to leave." Kaliaa smiled at her long time friend. "I still have one small thing to do before we head back into the Keep to begin those preparations.", she said as she started walking her horse down the road.

Immortalis sat still upon his mount and watched Kaliaa as she led her horse to a small house on the road not even a rocks throw away from the Keep. Smiling he slowly glanced off into the distance where his comrades were heading into the new world. He knew they would find a safe place for the rest of the guild to enter into it's new adventure. A sudden flash of past adventures with his friends came through his minds eye. Treasures that were found, evils that were conquered, lands discovered, friends that were lost. Hearing a knock on a door brought him back to the present and he glanced down the road to see Kaliaa on the small houses porch. With that he turned and rode back into Iron Keep.

"Who's there?", came an old gruff voice from inside the house. Standing on the porch smiling Kaliaa said, "An old friend come to seek your wisdom." "Hah! That will be the day. Only a fool comes to seeking the council of the foolish.", came the voice behind the door. The door quickly opened wide and an old man stood in the door way, "And you are no fool Lady Kaliaa. Please come in and sit for a while." "And your council has never been foolish.", she replied smirking.

"There sure has been a lot of commotion at the keep these past few weeks.", said the old man. "Aye, I'm sure you've heard the rumors of a new land being discovered. Its a land riddled with strife and war. The undead, orcs, trolls and other creatures have made war upon the humans, dwarfs and elves there. We've decided to go explore this land and assist our peoples against the darkness that is encroaching there. We sent our scouting party out this morning, you had to hear them as they rode by, to find us safe passage and friendly territory to settle into.", said Kaliaa. The old man slowly shook his head and said, "Ye know I worry about ye kids when you go off on these adventures. I've lost more friends in my adventuring days than you could hold in that Keep of yours." Kaliaa nodded her head, "Aye it might be a dangerous road. We don't even know what kind of crops grow there. We could really use a gardener of your talents, but if you are not up for it...". Leaning over the fire starting his pipe the old man looked over at Kaliaa with a very serious look, one of his eyes squinting as he stared at her a few seconds. "I don't know Kaliaa, I'm going to have to think about it for a while. It is bound to be a dangerous trip and I have me family to look after. There is much risk in what you are asking me to do."

From around the corner of the rooms in the house a young woman walked into the room and gave the old man a dirty look. "Oh father. Lady Kaliaa, he watched the scouting party go by earlier and already started packing. In fact that is what he was doing when you knocked on our door!" A silence fell in the room as Kaliaa stared at the old man. "What, what!", he said as smiles crept across everyones face and the three started laughing hard and loud.

"All men have fears, but the brave put down their fears and go forward, sometimes to death, but always to victory" - the King's Guard, Ancient Greece

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12-20-05 02:03 AM - Post#5840    

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keyel come back where ya been?

Its is not Heresy I will not Recant!!!!!

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ha ha i cant remember my user name and password but yes i am back the original often duplicated pitchfork this is where you run around scared and screaming
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