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Article by TehG00SE    (04-26-12 01:29 PM)

Hello All,

My Name is Richard (Ricky) "TehG00SE" Benoit. (Sforzando) I will be giving a brief background on me and Kibbelz... Mainly myself since I haven't been very talkative in guild chat, and haven't logged TS yet. (Im Generally the wordy one out of the 2 of us, and ..I like to talk XD )

First I will touch up on our history inside and outside of games. I graduated high school in 2003, after I came back to the school and taught/instructed the Drumline and the Marching band. Trey (Kibbelz) was one of my students and star Quad players. Obviously we didn't have much of a friend ship past student/teacher while he was in school, however as I scheduled so many practices I often saw my students more than my family. After he graduated, I kept in-contact with him like I do many of my students. Eventually I convinced him to change servers in World Of Warcraft with myself and some long time friends. We ran the top PVP Guild on Bonechewer (Back when Pvp was worth something). After wow we moved on to Diablo, Eve Online, Countless Steam games, and ToR, and Mainly (And Currently) League of Legends, and Minecraft ( We run a small community called Fail Gaming with friends and slowly growing.

As for my personal Online/Community Background: My Personal gaming experience has gone from Pro gaming, to GMing, to Administration, and just average playing. Several years ago, at the age of 14-15 I played a game called Starsiege: Tribes 1. I competed in top 5 teams on several ladders, and eventually worked into Shout-casting and administrating several turny servers along side a few public servers. At around 18 or so when Tribes died off I moved to a PVP oriented game called Helbreath. After becoming a top player in the community I applied for an administration roll. I was welcomed on their player GM team where I stayed for several years. By 21 I worked my way up the ranks to the Administration assistant of the game as a whole. I trained other GMs and took lead on customer support and the ticket system so my boss could focus on completing the tickets (missing items, hacks, thieves, etc etc). I also ran events, tournaments, dealt with prizes, and also moved into dealing with actual server side logs and in game item disputes (Such as people steal items from other people and so forth). Eventually I spent more time working for the game and playing it, and retired my ingame character and continued working for the game. I remained a paid employee for several years, and stepped back to a non payed position when they couldn't afford to pay me. Maintaining my current responsibilities, just accepting no pay and a change in title. This past year I had a falling out with iEntertainment (the company I worked for) and no longer agreed on how the game was being ran. As much as I enjoyed working for the game, I felt like I was not getting anywhere, nor the game, so sadly I left the company. I also worked for NESL for a year or 2 as a lead Admin for League of Legends, and may be returning their soon. I really enjoy administration and Customer support, especially with online games. I love community, and I love the passion players have for the game they love...even tho that passion may be used against the administration.. in the long run, your all on the same side. I also have a strong passion for teaching. Im quite use to dealing with people who act like they are in high school in a professional manner, not only from my past position in GMing/Administrating. I love working with a community towards a common goal. I'm not sure if theres something wrong with me... which may be possible! I just really enjoy it. I've dealt with the trolls of a small MMO as a GM, and I've dealt with the nightmarish teenage outburst of the typical highs school student as a teacher, despite it I enjoy it. I love pointing people in the right direction, I love solving the problems so others don't have too, and most importantly I love doing what ever I can to support the gaming community I'm most involved in.

Kibbelz Online Background: (I Made him type this... Obviously.. I will try to clean it up)
First game - Quake 32kbit dial up, Big C&C Fan, was top 50 players in Tiberiun Sun Online. Main tanked/Lead PvE in WoW 2004-2006. Competed Semi-professionally in Counter Strike 1.5/1.6 (CAL-Main). Assisted Goose with Top PvP guild in WoW 2005-Whenever we stopped. Trying to play competitive league of legends. Co-Owner/leader of Fail Gaming Community ( Spent very large amount of time playing Eve online, mastering trade and pvp. Have done tons of PvP Fleets of 100+ pilots. Also a programmer, IT consultant and system engineer.

What we do: PVP!!!

Whats OUR Take on PVP?

We greatly pride ourselves on our unique approach to Hardcore PVP, and strive for results before excuses. We have an all or nothing approach when it comes to everything we do. The Greatest Barrier to Success is the Fear of Failure. As mentioned before, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to Hardcore PVP. Hardcore PVP is every bit as Strenuous if not more so than PVE. PVP is forever evolving, PVE is generally the same overall boss everytime. Never any more hard than the last time you attempted it. At FAIL we recognize the fact that 1 person can change the outcome of any type of PVP. There is far more to PVP than Button mashing and Tbagging corpses (noseriously there is keep reading) a simpled injection of tactics can make all the difference in any fight. Even surpassing Skill or even items. We dont only strive to be the most skilled, we strive to win across the board. Out Skilling Out Gearing Out Classing. We play to win. Yes we dont all know everything yet, but theres basics I can, and will call you out for if your being stupid. Theres always a level of Common sense, I will call you on it, you will hate me for it. However, Returning back to the last statement, I expect everyone to do the same to me. Our goal is not only to stand out in pvp as individuals, and as a guild, whether we are in a guild, or leading one. If someones getting ganked, ask in guild, we will be there lol. We will spend alot of time roaming, looking for a fight, and forcing fights. Leveling is important and we will group to focus on that. ..however, if your looking for casual PVP and more PVE, we don't have much love for it. Our focus is, and will always be PVP.

As mentioned before, we believe fully that anyone can pvp how ever they choose. If enough effort and focus goes into it; Any class, any skill level, any spec can be dominant. We ourselves to learn our characters, our classes; our weakness, our strengths and how to compensate and dominate for both. We do not focus on what a class can do, we focus on what WE can do with our class. We strive hard to dominate in all aspects of pvp. We do not make excuses for losses and we do not accept defeat on any level. We analyze our defeats, understand them, learn from them and make note to not do it again. We grow together as a community (At Fail); we work together as a guild (Whether its ours or one we have been welcomed too). Anything can be done with knowledge. “The only source of knowledge is experience.” We constantly strategize and analyze to optimize our presence on the battle field. We set goals for pvp nobody else wants to try, we use strategies nobody else wants to attempt, we push the meta game to its limits and write our own, the true way PVP should be played. Why be mindless drones following cookie cutter builds, why create your own recipe? Nobody plays your character like you, why should you play how someone else thinks you should? Yes theirs rules, but we don’t tell people how to play their class, you should play your class how you want too, you should take the time to learn your follies, your strengths to better your ability to play how you want. We all can offer suggestions, only you can master your style, we train it, mold it, promote it, and dominate with it.

We do demand perfection. We do not however expect to ever achieve it. We will however do what ever it takes to become as close as possible. “Winners practice until they get it right, Champions practice until they can’t get it wrong.” I learned this saying at a young age, and have pushed that standard in every leadership role I have ever held and have always come out on top. Many other people will call themselves “Hardcore”, none of them will live up to the name. We have in the past and in time we will show them exactly what it means to be a Hardcore PVPer.



TehG00SE -
Skype - p0peg00se
LoL - TehG00SE
Diablo3 - TehG00SE#1855 -

Username Comments
04-26-12 03:17 PM - Post#58576    

    In response to TehG00SE

Nice post.

Thanks for taking the time and look forward to gaming with you both.

PS: I am an old gamer and also was a HUGE fan of C&C. I used to play it when it came out over Kali, a program configured in Dos that simulated a LAN online.

Cheers -CC

04-27-12 04:02 AM - Post#58585    

    In response to ChinaCat

Holy introduction Batman! Welcome
Sorc - Parasite.Eve
Warrior - Jachyra
Slayer - Isley
Lancer - Terry.Tate

04-27-12 08:57 AM - Post#58603    

    In response to Narcolepsy



Ill try to pop on TS tonight, I think we are going to be streaming and doing some League of Legends goofing off tonight though.

v1.0 Meh.. Still Playing with it.

04-27-12 02:15 PM - Post#58629    

    In response to TehG00SE

Welcome aboard.
"No, I'm not a nOOb, but I play one on-line."

04-29-12 12:54 AM - Post#58641    

    In response to Pickaxe - Raef

Hmmmm Can someone link or send me the Logo I see floating around? I/We stream alot and I generally like to throw a little logo up or something on the stream and cant seem to find a copy of the logo that doesn't involve me photo-shopping it out of someones Signature.

v1.0 Meh.. Still Playing with it.

05-01-12 03:16 AM - Post#58684    

    In response to TehG00SE

I use dial-up to hone my PVP skills.

05-01-12 06:12 AM - Post#58686    

    In response to TehG00SE

Welcome! I played tenors in high school, too

Of course, that's been a while now...

lol thx abou... best.sig.evar

05-01-12 08:59 AM - Post#58688    

    In response to Morgan

Oh really?? =) Thats great.. Guild Drumline in the works!!!

v1.0 Meh.. Still Playing with it.

05-10-12 03:15 AM - Post#58754    

    In response to TehG00SE

Marching Band, 3rd base for 2 years, pit percussion for 1, keyboard percussion for 6 years in concert band and bass clarinet for 1, also play guitar and drums still.

05-10-12 04:56 AM - Post#58756    

    In response to Deadman


v1.0 Meh.. Still Playing with it.

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